Hey there!

In 2013, I broke my arm during an arm-wrestling match. I know, it’s kind of ridiculous. But this initially painful event turned out to be the catalyst for a life that now feels creatively inspired. Laid up with a cast and unable to work my normal uninspiring jobs, I followed an instinct to purchase a Fujifilm camera and a MacBook Pro and immerse myself in photography, film, and graphic design. Anything with appealing aesthetics lit me up, and through these mediums I began to feel like a story of self was being written. Since the ol’ arm has healed, I’ve done my best to help others tell their stories too--working on countless videos and animation edits (using After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro); brand identity, logos, and product design; and eclectic portraits and hero shots. Thanks for reading. And if you’re ready to take a creative leap, let’s tell your story.