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GWD: The Services



#1: Web Design

Is your image is stuck in the mud? Do people ask if they can check out what you’re doing or selling—but you’re embarrassed to send them to your website because it’s outdated / lame / doesn’t authentically represent you?

I’m here to help you transform your website into a true reflection of you and your brand — something you can feel proud of sharing with the world.

The GWD Special: one brand new fully-functional website.



In addition to needing a shiny new website, could it be that the look of your product or service isn’t quite right? Do you crave a new logo or rebrand to push your business in the direction you just know it needs to go in?

You might be losing sales if your branding isn’t targeting the right audience. GWD can help.

This option includes:

  • A fully-functional website

  • Logo Design and/or Branding

Check out the branding portfolio.


#2: Add Branding


#3: Add Multi-Media

Or maybe you’re looking for a complete overhaul. It’s time to start anew, start fresh, start over. Let’s do a full reboot of your digital presence in this digital world. GWD is your one-stop shop with this full package. Includes:

  • A fully-functional website

  • Photography (let’s see you, your team, your product)

  • Videography (tell the story of you, your team, your product)

  • Logo Design and/or Branding (the colors + symbols that best represent you, your team, your product)

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